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Spirulina Superfeed (Poultry)

1. Superfeed for poultry.

2. Healthy poultry feed.

3. Reduce risk of Bird Flu.

4. Reduce viral diseases & rapid recovery.

5. Early income with early egg laying. 

6. Sustain high yield of egg.

7. Yield highly nutricious bigger sized eggs daily. 


5kg / day / 1000 bird

Mix 5kg Spirulina Superfeed thoroughly with the mixture of feed for 1000 chicken. (95 viss / kg of other feed + 5 Vss / kg of Spirulina Superfeed= 100 viss/kg

of total feed). Consult with vaterinary doctor to adjust other raw materials as Spirulina Superfeed has protein. Store the premix in cool dry place to keep more than one day (24 hour).

Add 50kg (5%) of Spirulina Superfeed in 1MT of total feed.


Spirulina & corn (Protein minimum 18%)

Spirulina contains protein, vitamins, minerals, high calcium and iron.

Improve immune system.

  • Store in cool dry place.